Amidst the endless surge of lifestyle brands and retail products, the rules of engagement have evolved. It’s no longer enough to simply offer products. Now it’s about creating an experience that etches itself into the memory of those fortunate enough to partake. But who are the first to partake in these remarkable brand experiences? Usually, influencers.

Brand experiences come in many shapes and forms. And we’ll delve into the diverse realm of brand experiences in another article. For now, let’s talk about the compelling reasons behind inviting influencers to your event. We’ll cover the why you should do it, the how to do it and the what to do once the event is over.

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Why your event would be better if you invited influencers

Influencers are the connectors of the digital world. They’re those magnetic individuals that bring the vibe and can make your event buzz even louder and brighter. Inviting them on board means your brand gets an infusion of their authenticity – a precious currency in today’s trust-centric world.

Why does it work? People relate (or at least try to relate) to influencers like they do their close friends. So, when an influencer lends their voice to your event, it’s akin to a friend giving a personal recommendation. That’s where your brand gets a massive boost in trust and credibility.

How to approach inviting influencers to your event

Now the hard part. How do you get these digital stars to RSVP to your event? Inviting influencers to your event involves a strategic approach that ensures a seamless and mutually beneficial collaboration. Think of it as crafting an invitation to an exclusive soiree where the who’s who gather. Let’s break it down:

The Personal Connection: Just as a well-crafted introduction can spark a friendship, addressing influencers by name and showcasing your awareness of their content establishes rapport. Let them feel the resonance in your approach.

Serve Up the Irresistible: Influencers are humans too, and who doesn’t love perks? Outline what’s in store for them – exclusive event content, the chance to rub shoulders with fellow influencers and brands, curated products and the opportunity to create unique content.

Creating the Vision: Think of your invitation as the tantalising preview. Provide every detail – date, venue, event highlights, and, most importantly, their role. Whether they’re hosting an interactive workshop or sharing real-time updates on Instagram Stories, clarity is key.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet: Imagine a VIP treatment for your guests – that’s what influencers deserve too. If they need logistical assistance, travel arrangements or accommodations, offer a helping hand. When influencers feel valued, their positive buzz is bound to resonate.

Inviting Influencers to Your Event

What to do when the event is over

Congratulations, your event was a sensation! But the influencer journey doesn’t end with the event itself – it’s time to cultivate a lasting partnership for ongoing success. Here’s how you can do that:

Showcasing the High Points: Much like an encore in a concert, keep the excitement alive with post-event content. Highlight reels, snippets and photo dumps let the attendees relive the moments and keep FOMO alive.

The Gratitude Note: Did you ever write thank you notes after your birthday party as a kid? Apply that here. Whether it’s a heartfelt message or a small token of appreciation, let influencers know their contribution is valued.

Keeping the Connection Alive: Just as a cherished friendship needs nurturing, maintain your interaction. Engage with their content, drop meaningful comments and stay present in their digital universe. This ongoing interaction not only strengthens the partnership but also keeps your brand on their radar.

Every influencer is unique and their preferences may vary. So, as you wade into the world of influencer collaborations, stay adaptable and open to refining your approach based on the influencer’s vibes. By carefully crafting your approach, identifying the right influencers and nurturing the partnership beyond the event, you can create a brand experience that resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact.

So, as you plan your next brand event, remember the power of inviting influencers to your event. Just as celebrities bring star power to the red carpet, influencers bring their unique influence to your event, creating a buzz that reverberates long after the event lights dim. With each strategic collaboration, you’re not just hosting an event – you’re creating a memorable brand experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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