Are you looking forward to the long-awaited time off work? Us too!

We know this time of year can feel overwhelming, thinking about all the things on your to-do list and wanting to make sure you’ve covered everything off so you can actually enjoy your break.

Thankfully, there are many amazing marketing tech platforms that can assist you and your brand to stay active online – whether that be social media, your visual content, email marketing and even lead gen.

It is important to maintain a strong online presence, interact with consumers and continually develop your audience’s trust. So, to help you out while you’re setting that #OOO out of office auto-responder and peeling your eyes away from the screen, here are some of our favourite marketing tech platforms and how they can help do your job for you…

Get more press coverage with Flaunter digital showrooms


Shameless plug. But seriously, Flaunter is a digital press centre, brand showroom and inventory tracking platform that allows your brand, content and samples to be available to media, influencers and other downloaders 24/7 – even when you’re not around.

Whilst you are away, your brand assets, albums, product samples/gifts and information will be available to all downloaders on the platform. From stylists, to magazines and content creators, everyone has access to view your brand, high-res content, and – if you choose to share it – your product collections to request sample loans or gifts.

Plus, every time someone views your profile or content, you get a notification, allowing you to still observe whats going on from your phone. So whilst you are sitting around the table on Christmas Day, you can relax and sip on your margarita knowing that your digital assets are covered!


Hootsuite is a social media platform that allows you to schedule posts for any time of any day. This means that you can create your Happy New Years post, months before the 31st of December.

This platform is a simple and convenient way to ensure that you are on the ball and are engaged on social media (even though nobody wants to think about work over this time…). It allows you to post content to a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tik Tok, Twitter and more, with space for you to write your caption and tag any other brands/ users mentioned. After this step, you choose a date and time, and BANG – it’s scheduled. This can then be seen on the calendar with a clear outline view of the times and dates of various posts that you have scheduled.

Sounds amazing right! There’s more. Hootsuite provides you with a detailed insight to the analytics and stats behind your posts. This is extremely useful as it allows you to see the success of your posts and the different audiences you are reaching. Before you go on break, formulate some posts and try Hootsuite now to save you a whole lot of time and stress (especially in the most enjoyable time of the year).


Hubspot is an email marketing and advertising service that is simple yet effective. The automations and inbound marketing technology, allows you to execute, manage and measure all activities. Therfore, an easy way to run campaigns smoothly and seamlessly.

This platform is an all in one solution to many companies online issues. It provides you with a multitude of aspects including lead nurturing, blogging and even analytics. Scheduling posts in advance is an essential step to be prepared for the end of year mayhem.

Similar to Hootsuite, Hubspot offers the same technology. Their social media calendar provides you with amazing visibility and makes posting content a breeze. Hubspot boosts lead tracking and conversions, makes SEO easy, allows you to edit your website, provide you with an integrated CRM, inspires content creation and provides insightful analytics for you to observe. This platform is outstanding and most definitely makes many lives a lot easier!

Pop ups

What about your leads? We know you still need to attract new customers during this period. Enter, the pop up.

Simple yet effective. Many online brands inform their customers about sales, promotions and more through pop ups, when entering a website. This helps reduce cart abandonment and grow email lists – creating more brand visibility and increasing deliverability.

There are a bunch of softwares in place that help brands like yours to further increase communication from company to consumer. Bright colours and bold typefaces are the most effective way to design your pop up type form. Some trustworthy companies that will assist you in this include:

OptiMonk / Sleek Note / Privy / OptinMonster / Justuno / Sumo / WidePops / Poptin / Mailmunch / Wishpond

These super smart, intuitive marketing tech tools will allow you to grow your brand whilst doing nothing. Sounds like a treat, right? Get started today and watch your business grow from the comfort of your vacation spot!

Images via W Montreal

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