Navigating media relations can feel a bit like crafting the perfect text message: too short and you’re dismissive, too long and you risk overwhelming them. It’s all about striking the right balance. While knowing the right people is a good start, genuine, strategic engagement is the key to sustained media success.

Engaging with the media is more than just a game of names and numbers; it requires strategy, finesse and authentic connection. But how do you ensure your brand isn’t left on the sidelines? Dive in as we uncover the secrets of media relations that go beyond just “who you know,” shedding light on the art of meaningful engagement that makes both brands and media sit up and take note.

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Be a great listener

The art of listening is often underrated. Before crafting that impeccable pitch, take a step back and truly listen. Dive into the topics journalists and media outlets are currently discussing. Are there industry shifts they’re focusing on? Perhaps new trends or emerging challenges? By tuning into their wavelength, your subsequent communication will resonate more deeply. It’s about aligning your brand’s narrative with the current media pulse.

Personalise your pitches
We all appreciate a little personal touch, right? Imagine receiving a generic, mass-produced gift versus something hand-picked just for you. Media professionals can spot a generic pitch from a mile away. Make sure your outreach feels personalised and relevant to the individual. Mention a recent article they wrote or a specific interest they have, demonstrating genuine engagement with their work. This not only captures their attention but also signifies respect for their work.

Dangle the exclusive carrot

Everyone loves a little VIP treatment. Can you offer the media a sneak peek, a one-on-one chat, or some juicy insider info? Serving up something that they can’t find elsewhere will inevitably elevate your brand in their eyes.

Engage outside the pitch
Slide into their DMs (but, you know, professionally). Engage beyond the formal emails and show that your interest is not purely transactional. Share their stuff, celebrate their wins, or just drop a GIF to make ’em smile. These gestures, while simple, lay the foundation for a more authentic, long-term relationship.

Attend industry events (even virtually)
Being present at industry events provides a two-fold advantage. Firstly, it keeps you updated with the latest trends and shifts. Secondly, it offers an informal setting to connect with media professionals. Whether it’s a casual chat over coffee at a seminar or a virtual catch-up post-webinar, these interactions often lead to more organic, meaningful relationships.

Share the wisdom

Offer up workshops or insights. Give journalists a deeper dive into your world. It not only solidifies your position as an industry leader but also facilitates a deeper connection with the media. By providing them with tools and insights, you’re not just another brand; you become an industry ally.

Be transparent and accountable
The digital age leaves little room for errors to hide. While missteps are natural, how you handle them can make all the difference. Own it, fix it, move on. Address any issues head-on, be transparent about challenges, and always offer solutions. This not only displays professionalism but also fortifies trust.

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Bringing brands into the media spotlight is what we’re passionate about at Flaunter. We understand the inestimable value that media features offer to brands, especially in industries like fashion, beauty, home, wellness and more. Connecting brands with the right media outlets is an art, and when done right, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, to all the brands out there looking to make a mark: Get out there, share your story and watch as the world sits up and takes notice. And remember, at Flaunter, we’re always here to help you shine the brightest!