You’ve been toiling away on your latest collection and are now ready to share it with the world (via your extra special megaphones: the media). But you’re a little stuck on how to do that – Who?! When?! Where?! How?!

Welcome to the world of media showings.

A media showing is a crucial part of the sales and communications process, where a new collection/range or product is showcased for the media & key influencers to view so they can talk about it with their audiences. It’s important for brands to do this, as it gives them the opportunity to show media what is coming up in a more exclusive way. It’s a hands-on experience, which makes it easier for media & influencers to view the product and see what could work for upcoming shoots/events.

We spoke to Tayler Matthews of Bonel PR (masters of the exceptional showroom space) for the expert rundown on a killer showing.


Who should I invite to my showing? Should I just invite editors or assistants and bloggers as well?
TM: It’s important to consider who is the target market of the brands that you are showcasing when creating your invite list. When curating our invite lists, we like to extend the invite to all members of the media (stylists, editors, assistants) as well as influencers/bloggers that are a good fit for the brand or have shown interest in the brand previously.


Aside from having the garments on display, what else should I have organised? (Refreshments, Drop dates?)
TM: Having a thorough knowledge of all the collections (e.g. key pieces, and the inspiration behind the collection) is really important. It’s often useful to also have a press release available for media to reference on the day, as this gives them a more in-depth explanation of the collections. Refreshments (drinks and snacks) are always necessary, and it’s often nice to organise florals and other arrangements to spruce up the showings.


When should I hold my media showing? (Based on my production & drop dates…?)
TM: It’s important when targeting both short lead and long lead publications, that you are showing your collections at a time that is relevant to the media. For example, a long lead publication will often work 3-4 months in advance, and it’s important to align your showings around this same timing.
How long should my event run for?  A few days? A week?
TM: The length of the showings is purely dependent on how many people will be attending. It’s nice to have one person/one publication at a time attend the showings, to ensure that you can give them your undivided attention and assist to any of their needs. Generally, a two-day event is ideal.


I’m a startup label and I don’t have my own venue, what kind of space should I rent?
TM: It’s good to hire a space that is a good representation of the brand or somewhere that visually compliments/enhances the brand. Most of our showings are held at La Porte Space for this reason – aesthetically it’s a really beautiful space to present collections, and the varying studios provide options for different sized spaces etc.


What will the media want from me at the showing? Images? Samples?
TM: The media often request product for upcoming shoots on the day of the showings, and so this product is reserved for them until after the showings. It’s important to also have all relevant samples and to also have any relevant flat lay/campaign images available for media’s reference and use.

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Image: Alice Mahran at La Porte Space for Teva