Do you spend hours carefully selecting which images you’ll post to your personal social media accounts? Yeah, us too. Because how we present ourselves online is kinda a big deal these days. And we certainly make sure to keep our personal accounts shiny and update-to-date. So it makes total sense that we’d want to do the same with our online business profiles.
Building your brand online is now a non-negotiable part of your everyday. Yes, it’s literally an everyday activity. Flaunter can be an integral tool in helping you communicate your brand’s aesthetic with one of your most influential audiences – the media (both ‘old’ and ‘new’!).
Here are three tips to setting up your Flaunter profile for maximum results.


Think about the editor/stylist/blogger viewing your Flaunter account and tailor your uploads to suit their needs.  Are they looking for crystal clear, deep-etched product shots or are they after a stunning lookbook image?  If you’re not sure, do your research. Look at the magazines, blogs and websites you’re keen to be published in. What photo types do they like to use?
Pro Tip – The more image types you can upload for a collection/new range, the greater your chances are of being published in multiple places. Different outlets look for different shots – you can be a media superstar by covering all your bases.
Pro Tip – Media outlets won’t use an editorial image that has been published elsewhere already, so rather than uploading already-published shots to your Flaunter Profile, share those bad boys on your social media profiles instead!


It’s all about image size and quality for our media users.  We did the numbers, and high-resolution photos are approximately 600% more downloadable. To make it easier for the media to use your pics, arrange your images into collections via albums and use clear, descriptive titles.  For example:
Summer 2018: January Drop
For someone outside your brand viewing your profile, it makes it far easier to find exactly what they’re looking for (which in turn increases the likelihood of your images getting published!).  Remember, media users will most often want to publish images of products that are available at the same time their publication is released or website piece goes live.
Pro Tip – Adding an RRP to each image makes life a lot easier for the media! And data shows that a stylist is 87% more likely to use an image with a price clearly available, versus one without.


As soon as you have a new collection or range of images to upload, press the hide button on your old collections.  Media and stylists are a busy bunch, and they are only looking for the latest and greatest content. They don’t want to spend time wading through your profile to find your newest uploads.
Pro Tip – Hide, don’t delete. This way you keep your image history stats and will have the content on hand should you need it for any special requests that might come through.

Keep your content as fresh as a mountain stream to ensure that media keep coming back to you time and time again. This is the number one piece of feedback our media users share with us. The brands they like to feature? Those that make finding the latest, most relevant images and their full credit details EASY – consistently.
For more advice on how to keep your Flaunter profile in tip-top shape click here.