Got a lot of people drain you of your energy? (Apologies, Drake).

We hear you, and we’re here to help.

Here’s how some of our savviest media users have been saving time and energy by spending time on Flaunter. We’re more than just a library full of pretty pictures, you know.

Follow your favourites…

You’ve probably got a list of go-to brands – the ones who you know always have something you want to publish. When you open a brand’s profile on Flaunter, you’ll see a little heart button: “Follow Brand”  – clicking this will give you the option to choose whether you’d like to receive an alert when they upload new content on either the same day they add new content, or a once weekly digest of their uploads.  It’s just one less thing you need to remember.

Requesting access to brands before they need content…

Most of our media users are pretty adept at this already, but for any newbies reading: some brands choose to keep their Flaunter content downloadable on request only.  If you click one of these brands from the Brand Directory, you’ll see a little window pop up for you to send a friendly little message requesting to be given access to their image library.  Our brands are pretty quick at allowing access, however, our really savvy media users keep an eye out for Flaunter’s email updates listing recently joined brands, and jump right in and request access for any of those with exclusive content before they need it.  This way, when you’re in a rush for a last minute image down the line, you’ll be able to immediately jump in and download from those exclusive brands.

Planning and mood boarding…

Flaunter’s media superstars are making use of our mood boarding feature every day.  You’re allowed to build an infinite number of boards, so why not make the most of them?  Of course, the logical thing to do is build a Flaunter mood board full of images for the next story you’re working on, but here are some other great ideas we’ve seen:

  • A board for amazing images you’ve got no use for yet, but might want to save ‘just in case’ without filling up your hard drive.
  • Boards organised by in-store dates to save images to for potential use in future issues.
  • Using mood boards as a page planning tool- dragging and dropping images until they look perfect.
  • Monitoring trends and building multiple stories in advance.

Making the most of callouts with Flaunter…

If you’ve been in this game a while,  you’re more than familiar with how helpful callouts can be in chasing down that tricky-to-find content. BUT then someone responds to your request for new season coats with pictures of swimwear….and someone else hits you up with a giant email full of shoes. “They’re not coats, but they look great with coats.”  Luckily, there are two ways to super charge your callouts with Flaunter:

  • Post your call out directly to the site.  Not only will our team flag your callout with any brands we think may have relevant content on the way, we’ll actually monitor the responses from our brands to make sure only relevant content hits your inbox.
  •  Already sending your callouts via email?  Add us to your list! From there, we can post the call out to Flaunter on your behalf, and you’ll get all the benefits we outlined in above.
  • Have an urgent brief? Send an email to our Image Concierge team and you’ll receive a curated moodboard of images within 2 hours.

Talking to us…

Is there a brand who is…let’s just say…a little more difficult to source content from? Let us know.  Even though Flaunter grow our list of brands by approval only, our aim is to make your life easier- so we’re more than happy to work to bring that tricky brand’s content onto our site for you to access on demand.

We’re also here to help you source those tricky shots. If you’re always struggling for styled flat lays or elegant stock imagery, or you’re having issues sourcing good quality deep etched product shots, we want to hear from you! Flaunter’s ever-growing network of brands are eager to produce the quality, creative content you want to publish and we’re happy to communicate your needs to them.

If you have questions about how to make the most of Flaunter, contact us here.
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Image: L’Officiel Azerbaijan 2018 Alicia Holtz by Alfonso Anton Cornelis