Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword for fashion brands, with consumers voting with their wallets for brands that are committed to making a real difference to the world we live in. But with more fashion labels choosing to cut back the number of collections they produce in the name of environmental friendliness, how do you keep the media calling when you haven’t got as much to say?

No story is the story!

Okay, new collections aren’t the only story a fashion brand can tell, but forgive a girl her snappy headline. The fact that you’re reducing the number of collections you produce is an important part of your brand and something the media are interested in. Of course, just reducing the number of collections but producing them with the same waste-creating materials and processes doesn’t really qualify, so make sure you’re actually taking tangible steps towards lowering your footprint before coming out with this messaging.

New Doesn’t Always Mean Product

New collections are a great way to get people talking about your brand, but there’s always another angle to the story. Has someone famous worn one of your pieces? Did you just forge a new partnership with a supplier who’ll make your product considerably more sustainable? Have you just reached a significant business milestone? All of these angles can help you reach new publications and audiences beyond the release of a new collection.

Podcasting for PR

Last year, we spoke with the founders of lady-brains about podcasting for PRs, and one of their biggest insights was that podcasting allowed founders and brand reps to tell their story in a 45 min or longer interview, which allows for much deeper insight than a single press release. Podcasting could be the perfect format for brand ambassadors to share more about what’s happening behind the products themselves, especially when customers are looking to learn more about the humans behind the brands they shop.

Consider Owned Channels

Big brands are ditching social media in favour of owned channels, which give them an opportunity to share the stories behind the brand. While content creation can be a time consuming exercise, owning your channels means you’re in full control of the narrative and you can tell a much more in depth story than you would be able to in a short press mention or product placement.

Work with Influencers who Get You

Nano-influencers are where it’s at, with higher levels of engagement and a real desire to tell the stories of the brands they work with. Find the ones who already love you and build a long term relationship rather than paying big bucks for a one off post. There are lots of up and coming influencers who are focussed on sustainability, and who can speak authentically about your brand. 

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