There are so many tech tools out there to help you get the most out of your content, it makes sense to be working smarter and not harder. We’re particularly excited about tools that are leveraging AI to help us write better, distribute wider, and track more effectively. Here are some of our favourites.

Flaunter digital press center content management and sample tracking


If it was drummed into you at Uni that you had to write for a primary school audience when pitching publications, Hemingway will be your new best friend. This free AI tool allows you to drop all of your copy into the editor, where it will analyse it’s reading grade, giving you a score. Your writing will be assessed based on how hard the sentences are to read, whether there’s simpler terms you could be using and whether you’re using active or passive voice. It’s the gamification of simplification, and it’s addictive!


Wordtune is another tool to help you simplify your writing. Drop your copy into the editor and it’ll spit out some much simpler alternatives based on what it thinks you’re really trying to say. 


Sonnant is a suite of content publishing tools powered by AI. Especially useful for editing podcasts, it produces a transcript of your content that allows you to edit your podcast directly from the text file. Delete something from the text file, and it’s deleted from the audio file. Magic! You can also use Sonnant for optimising your content for SEO, or trawling the web for trending topics, making research that much easier.

Flaunter (of course)

Flaunter gives Marketing & PR teams the ability to keep all of their digital assets in one place, making it seamless for media to access hi-res images on demand, and amplifying brand efforts by providing a centralised discovery platform for journalists, influencers, stylists and content creators. Flaunter currently welcomes brands from the Fashion, Interiors, Beauty, Kids, Travel and Venues industries, with more verticals coming soon. Even more, Flaunter provides full reporting and smarter insights, allowing brands and PRs to see who is viewing and downloading your images, and engaging with your brand. Free trial available now.

Public Address

Building a media list has never been easier. Public Address uses AI to scour the web, tracking down every journalist who is writing on a particular topic. You can then search their tool based on topic, publication or journalist name, and build out a list of target journalists. The tool also adds in a layer of tech smarts that gives you a score on how likely the journalist you’re pitching to is to cover your story.


Looking for newsletters to promote in? It’s probably listed on Letterhunt. Specifically for niche creators, you can search by category to find a ready made audience for your outreach.


This tool is a must-use for podcasters and vloggers. It allows you to edit your audio and visual files directly from a text file. No more scrubbing through to find the exact moment you need to edit, a simple text search lets you find and delete anything you don’t want included in your content.


Fast tracks your SEO research using AI.Their text editor gives you real time feedback on how likely your content is to rank.

If podcasting is part of your media strategy, you’ll need to find the best podcasts to pitch to. connects guests with great podcast on a whole range of topics.

An amazing repository of brand emails that will have you nerding out on copywriting and design. You can also upload your own emails and collaborate with your team, adding comments and annotations across designers, developers and copywriters. 

Any tools you’d add to the list? Email us at and let us know.

Image via Ena Pelly