Flaunter was created to do two things: Streamline PR processes [read: faster, more efficient, more cost-effective] and make PR teams fully digital.

And for many businesses, agencies, PR and marketing teams and publishers out there – our tools can be really valuable right now.

Make all your PR content easily accessible online, for everyone. 

The most important step for performing in a digital-first (or even digital-only world) is to make all your content accessible, consumable, and shareable online. 

That means consolidating all of your imagery into one, easy-to-access, online location.

With Flaunter, cloud access to your online library means seamless access for everyone. No programs need to be installed, no hardware needs to be set up. If you have the internet – you have access. 

With a fully digital media library, opportunities are endless:

1. Everyone in your team can access all your important imagery from one spot – secure in the knowledge that the images on Flaunter are high resolution, relevant and approved for them to share, and;

2. All your media contacts will be able to access your imagery on-demand as they battle deadlines, shrinking teams and limited access to scheduled shoots. By giving them this level of access you are removing any barriers for them to be able to quickly and easily explore your available content – from anywhere. If they download imagery – you’ll receive notifications and tracking data.

digital showroom image management


Respond to image requests with ease.

Getting your images to those who’ve requested them should be super fast and easy. And often it’s not. Which sucks time and energy away from all your other to-do’s.

Once your images are on Flaunter, you and your team can share links to those images straight from your Flaunter account. It’s fast and efficient – and media get instant access to beautifully present image banks, from which they can immediately download what they need.

You can share links to an entire brand profile, albums, images and even mood board edits you’ve curated for pitching.

You can also include these links in media releases, weekly media edms, your email signatures – and then track who engages.

Connect your whole team digitally.

Collaboration is key. Unlike a lot of other software, with Flaunter you can add unlimited team members to your account at no extra cost, so that you can all work together – from anywhere and at any time.

One single source of truth for your digital content for your team to work with.

Assign different roles to manage everyone’s access levels and track who’s doing what in your account.

We’ve seen customers build out not just their PR teams on Flaunter, but also sales and marketing. 

digital showrooms team

Your very own media, stylist and content creator CRM

When working remotely as part of a team, communication is critical. 

Managing communication between the team is one thing, managing and tracking communication between all team members and media contacts can be tricker. Having visibility over back-and-forth communications between you and your media contacts is essential.

Flaunter can be used as your media and influencer CRM. Upload your contacts and all communications between you, your team and an individual contact made via Flaunter will be tracked. That way you’ll be able to look up a contact and see your full Flaunter history with them.

Send media edms via Flaunter, create micro lists for targeted pitching.

Now that your contacts are all in Flaunter, you can create micro lists that help you slice and dice your media list with ease. Then, send media edms through Flaunter, and track which media is engaging.

There are lots of great edm / email marketing tools out there. The way Flaunter differs is that it connects your email campaigns directly with the high res image content you’re looking to share.  So when media receive a campaign – it’s incredibly useful and cuts out any email back and forth. 

Let stylists loan online from fully digital showrooms.

For customers with busy showrooms – this feature is now crucial for you.

As we move to remote teams and work from home setups, most media will no longer be allowed to visit physical showrooms for sample loans.  Equally, showrooms will like only maintain skeleton staff on hand to respond to requests. 

This is where Flaunter showrooms become really helpful:

All your samples will be beautifully displayed online using your existing imagery [or iPhone shots]. You can create unlimited showroom collections. For example, one collection of samples may be appropriate for long lead but not short lead. You’ll be able to share links to your showrooms with stylists, who will be able to browse your collections, see what is/isn’t available and then make loan requests directly in the app.  

They have all the access – with zero IRL contact 😉

sample trafficking


And it’s all affordable…

Because that’s REALLY important to every single one of us right now. 

We have plans that start from $99/mth for our image management tools. Our digital showrooms start from $198/mth.

All our plans are flexible and charged monthly – no lock-in contracts. 

We’ve always believed we have an exceptional tool, and provide significant value. That doesn’t mean we have to charge through the roof. We built a scalable software platform for a reason – so we could provide a lot of value, to a lot of people, at a fraction of what it might cost other companies.

We’ve already worked with huge names like Hugo Boss, Bec + Bridge, Sarah & Sebastian, Kate Spade and Billini, as well as emerging brands. Start getting more exposure for your brand by using Flaunter’s digital PR press centre and showroom. Image by M.A.C Cosmetics