Hands up if you’ve ever managed an influencer or gifting strategy? And keep it up if you did it via an excel spreadsheet, that by the end of the project looked a little worse for wear? 

We’ve all been there – making it work with hacked together solutions, mostly because we didn’t know there was a better way. But we’re here to tell you that there *is* another way to manage your influencer and gifting strategies that will not only save you hours every week when it comes to managing product send outs, but also help you do the heavy lifting when it comes time to report on your success. 

Read on to find out why you need a digital showroom to manage your influencer / gifting strategy.

Let influencers and editors select their perfect piece

Gone are the days where editors and influencers were welcoming package after unsolicited package with open arms. Influencers and editors alike are saying no to excessive gifting, which means brands need to be smarter with how they manage their gifting. Allowing influencers to choose exactly what they would like to receive is a much more effective way to guarantee cut-through. With a tool like Flaunter, you don’t need to manage back and forth emails about colours and sizes, instead you can provide stylists, editors and influencers with one link that allows them to request their perfect product directly from your showroom. You can put together racks specifically for certain influencers and send different racks to different influencers to manage the spread of stock and content across the internet.

Create reports with the click of a button

Love reporting? Didn’t think so. Probably because it’s arduous to pull together all of the assets you need to demonstrate to clients what you’ve been working on this month.

With a digital showroom management tool (like Flaunter), you could:

  • Track what styles influencers are drawn to over time by pulling reports on their most requested samples and gifts. This kind of information makes future pitches even easier, and helps you understand which influencers are driving the best results for your brand while reducing wastage. 
  • See who has and who hasn’t requested gifts, allowing you to target your follow up on the influencers who are yet to get back to you.
  • See exactly where product is at any time, meaning you can reply to that client email in seconds with a WIP.

Banish out of date excel spreadsheets

If you’ve never had the experience of updating an excel spreadsheet only to have someone else in the office overwrite your work, you’ve probably never worked in PR. Ditch the lack of version control you have with excel spreadsheets and look for a system that allows you to have logins for every member of your team.

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