We get it – you’re hanging for a holiday, and probably the last thing you feel like doing is thinking about your PR over the Christmas break. However, consistency is your secret weapon when it comes to PR activity and the more you can avoid turning the tap on and off, the faster your media coverage bucket will fill. The holidays are a real opportunity for you to cut through while others are OOO and gain some real traction for your brand.

Update your Flaunter profile with your most up-to-date imagery, then set and forget for the Christmas break.

While a lot of journos will be on holidays themselves, there will still be plenty who have to keep the home fires burning over the break – and they’ll be looking to save time wherever they can. They’re also probably not that happy to be working at all, so do everything you can to make their lives easier by pre-prepping imagery and writing media releases that can be lifted and published. Editors can search Flaunter for on-trend imagery at any time of the day or night, even when you’re on the beach eating prawns. Get in the editors good books by sending them the links to your latest imagery in advance so they know what you’ve got available over the break.

Don’t stop Pitching

Most publications won’t shut down during the festive season, and with less ‘news’ to write about during the holidays, editors will be fishing for newsworthy stories.  Take advantage of a time when lots of your competitors are probably off sipping champagne to build relationships with journalists and gain coverage. Radio and TV are always on the lookout for stories over the Christmas break and have much faster lead times – they can’t schedule content in advance like printed or digital publications can!

Broaden your Contact List

If your usual contact has gone on holidays, use it as an opportunity to connect with their holiday cover – the media landscape in Australia is small and you never know where people will end up next!

Consider your Customer’s Mindset

After a tough year, most people will be looking forward to shutting down their laptops and avoiding work for as long as possible, but you can bet they’ll still be spending time on their phones scrolling social media. The type of content they will be consuming is less educational and more entertainment-based, so there’s the opportunity to pitch to digital publications more of this entertainment based content. 

Countdown to 2022

2022 is only weeks away, which means there’s plenty of opportunity to get your New Years related content in front of editors. Human interest angles, how you’re planning to grow your business in 2022, trends for the new year – the opportunities are endless.

Think Beyond the Borders

Not everyone is on holidays for 6 weeks! Other countries only take a few days off during the holidays which makes it the perfect time to start pitching globally.

Photo: Brook T James for Tomboy Beauty


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