Dina Broadhurst

7 unexpected ways our brands are using Flaunter

Whilst we may have built it, our users have become superstars at using our Flaunter in ways we hadn’t even considered. Click to read our seven favourites, and because we know you love efficiency, they all take less than an hour of your time to implement.

Uplifting Scandi Style

Trend Watch: Uplifting Scandi Style

As we dive deeper into the colder months, brands have been releasing a new dimension of Scandi-style genius. An array of muted colour pops has added brightness to interior design that uplifts any mood on these grey chilly days...

Flaunter - This is why PR is so important

Does forking out freak you out? Why PR is so important

An abundance of businesses coupled with audiences who are switched on anywhere and everywhere means the role of PR is highly valuable. Read on to find out why spending your precious time & money on PR is worth it.

Soak Society

Spotlight on: Natalie Thorogood from Soak Society

This week we shine the spotlight on Natalie Thorogood, founder of Soak Society - the luxe wellness beauty brand created on the sparkling shores of the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We chat to Natalie to find out how she started, how her life has changed (including her "me-time" philosophy) and what's on the horizon.

10 minutes with Emma Vidgen from Real Living

Emma Vidgen is a journalist, interiors addict, music nerd and a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady ;) We were lucky enough to catch Emma in one of her rare spare moments to learn about life as the editor of Real Living, and bring you the answers to 5 burning questions from our brands.

MBFWA 17 Street Style - Get the look

‘Get the Look’ // MBFWA 17 Street Style

From bloggers to fashion faces and some pretty 'rad' people - we take you to the streets of this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, showing you some of the best-dressed and how to steal a look for yourself, courtesy of our exclusive brand content.

Alexander Neumann - Amazon is coming from across the seas

Amazon is coming // Why your customer is excited

Amazon is coming. Despite the American retail behemoth delivering product to Australian consumers for some time, the company’s search for an Australian-based fulfilment centre signals a clear intent to ramp up their Australian offering, including the industry-shattering Prime service. Understandably, many members of the local retail industry are shaking like a leaf.

Flaunter - Alice McCall Backstage

How to make sure your pitch email gets read, every time

"Confession time: I don't always respond to every email that lands in my inbox. I used to try to, but that was when I only had one website to look after - instead of three. Now I simply delete the emails that I know aren't relevant to my titles".
Read our tips on how to get your email noticed amid an editor's already overflowing inbox.

Flaunter x Alexandra Kentmann

10 minutes with Lexi Kentmann from Williams Sonoma

Alexandra (Lexi) Kentmann is an absolute delight; warm, witty and overall very passionate about her role in the PR industry. Recently, we sat down with Lexi at the beautiful West Elm store in Bondi Junction, to find out about her role and why she uses Flaunter at Williams Sonoma Australia.

Establishing relationships with Editors - The Daily Edited

How to have a great relationship with an online editor

Forming professional relationships with editors can be daunting - luckily we have a list of easy things brands & PRs can do (or not!) to help build lasting & mutually beneficial relationships with digital content producers, online editors & writers.

Flaunter’s MBFWA 17 Wrap Up Trend Report

While MBFWA 17 may have officially wrapped for another year, we are still revelling in the gorgeous display of Australian design creativity & glamour seen on the runways. To celebrate, we bring you our top trends & favourite BTS images direct from fashion week.

Lauren Platt-Hepworth from M.A.C

10 minutes with Lauren from M.A.C Cosmetics

Lauren Platt-Hepworth is the Communications Manager at M.A.C Australia, and not surprisingly, she is as glamorous and intelligent as you can imagine. We recently had the pleasure of visiting Lauren in store to find out about her busy role, lessons learnt in the beauty PR industry, and why she loves using Flaunter…

Flaunter Influencer Challenge

Spotlight on: Vanessa Valois // micro-influencer

During April, we launched the first Flaunter Influencer Challenge to give bloggers and stylists the opportunity to explore the Flaunter image library and create a mood board that showcased their personal style and creativity. Today, we introduce the winner of our comp and chat to her about her unique audience.

Flaunter Media

How to make your brand images 1000x more powerful

It’s not enough to create amazing pictures... You have to set them free. It’s like wearing a sack dress to a school reunion after 6 months of slavish devotion to Kayla Itsines. Like Kimmy K in a sheer feathered mini dress and shaved head, with no iPhone to capture the moment. What’s the point of having something amazing if it can’t be found or shared?

Flaunter - Behati Prinsloo by Who What Wear

5 things to know about working with editors

We know first hand how busy editors are and how fast the industry moves. One big question for brands & PR agencies is 'how to best approach an editor to get your brand or clients noticed'? To shed light on how to deal with these elusive creatures, we asked editor extraordinaire, Jacqui Kwong from BauerWorks to share her top tips...

Flaunter - Bec & Bridge MBFWA

Cooler days are calling // Winter skin & beauty prep

This season it is all about going back to the basics - Exfoliate, Hydrate & Nourish. On Flaunter, we have been noticing this trend take off and today we share our top picks for Winter skin.

HALP! Part Three: How do I compete with the big brands?

The final post in our three-part series with Adriana Glass where she explains how and when to call in the “Experts” and reveals every emerging brand’s best asset when it comes to PR.

HALP! Part Two: How do I compete with the big brands?

Welcome to Part Two in our three-part series with Adriana Glass from Talk Division on HALP! How emerging brands and small teams can compete with the bigs guns using six smart, and lean, PR tactics. Part Two covers brand assets and selling your story.

HALP! Part One: How do I compete with the big brands?

HALP! is a three-part series featuring Adriana Glass from Talk Division where she gives us a run-down of her key insights after a decade of sharpening her skills in the PR world. HALP! Part 1 covers influencers and strategy.

Flaunter - An Organised Life

An Organised Life… Gaby Howard from Flaunter

Beck Wadworth from An Organised Life interviewed Flaunter CEO and Founder, Gaby Howard, to find out how it all began, what her biggest piece of advice would be and, of course, how she stays so organised.