If you’re in public relations, you already know the sample management struggle is real. One mishap can throw off an entire campaign. So, isn’t it time we ditch the chaos of spreadsheets for something smarter…

…To a system that’s both sophisticated and simple. Enter Flaunter’s Sample Tracking and Digital Showroom, the power couple every PR agency needs to shine.

Still using spreadsheets and manual logs to track samples? We get it, it’s how things have always been done. But in an industry where one wrong move could lead to missed opportunities, why take the risk? Flaunter offers a smarter, streamlined way to make sure you’re always in control.

Our Sample Tracking and Digital Showroom serves as a dynamic platform where media, stylists, celebrities and creators from around the globe can browse your sample collections in real-time.

Get more editorial coverage with Flaunter

  • Global reach: No need for media and influencers to visit a physical location; they can explore your collections from anywhere in the world.
  • 24/7 availability: Your brand never sleeps and neither does your digital showroom. Media can make selections around the clock, adapting to various time zones and schedules.
  • Real-time inventory management: Know instantly what’s available and what’s been requested. Flaunter updates in real-time, so your showroom guests can only see what’s available, reducing the back-and-forths and eliminating the possibility of double-booking samples.

Why spreadsheets just won’t cut it anymore

If you’ve spent endless hours entering data into Excel sheets, tracking down a missing sample, or had to face the chaos of mismanaged items during a campaign, you know that effective sample management isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s crucial.

From misplaced items to last-minute scrambles, old-school tracking systems are ripe for error. Flaunter’s Digital Showroom and Sample Tracking system tracks your inventory – what’s out, where items are located and what’s overdue, so you know where each sample is 100% of the time.

Why Flaunter’s sample tracking and digital showroom is the upgrade your PR agency needs, now

The unparalleled efficiency of Flaunter’s sample tracking

When you have a million and one things on your to-do list, sample management should be the least of your worries. Our Sample Tracking is designed to be your central hub for everything sample-related…saving you 80 hours each month in showroom management and decreasing sample loss by 98%.

Our showroom clients enjoy:

  • Real-time notifications: Receive instant alerts when guests visit your showroom and make selection requests. Review and approve requests as soon as they come in.
  • Detailed histories: Gone are the days of “it’s somewhere in transit.” Keep track of every request, borrow, return and gifted product.
  • Custom tags for quick searches: Need to find all the summer dresses sent to Vogue editors in the last month? A couple of clicks and you’re there.
  • Spend less time reporting: Replace time-consuming manual reporting processes with comprehensive and automated activity reports, at the click of a button.

If you’re a brand or agency looking for a single, integrated platform that handles everything from sample tracking to global media engagement, it’s time to switch to Flaunter.

Your PR strategy is only as strong as the tools you use. With our Sample Tracking and Digital Showroom, you can track, manage, analyse and optimise like never before. So why settle for outdated methods when you can Flaunter your brand the smart way?


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Bringing brands into the media spotlight is what we’re passionate about at Flaunter. We understand the inestimable value that media features offer to brands, especially in industries like fashion, beauty, home, wellness and more. Connecting brands with the right media outlets is an art, and when done right, it’s a win-win for everyone.

So, to all the brands out there looking to make a mark: Get out there, share your story and watch as the world sits up and takes notice. And remember, at Flaunter, we’re always here to help you shine the brightest!