They say that timing is everything, and in the world of PR, ain’t that the truth! Just like a well-executed wink or a perfectly-timed witty comeback, the moment you choose to unleash your PR content can make all the difference.

So, you’re probably wondering, “How often should I be creating new content?” And you’re not alone. This is one of our most frequently asked questions from brands on Flaunter. They want to know how often they have to shoot new campaign or product imagery, and how regularly they should be uploading this content to their Flaunter press centres for the best chance of media discoverability and promotion. So, here we are to answer these questions 🙂

First things first, let’s clarify what ‘content’ is – specifically PR content.

  • IMAGES: These include various types of photos, such as lifestyle shots, campaign imagery, runway photos, etched images, and product shots. High-quality images are the backbone of your PR content.
  • VIDEOS: Videos play a significant role in modern PR. They can range from brand and product features to behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage, campaign promotions and long or short-form videos.
  • DOCUMENTS: Documents are the written aspects of your PR content. They encompass media releases, look books, and brand assets, providing context and information to accompany your visuals.

For this particular insight article, we’re strictly talking about photography. We’re about to share our secrets to perfectly timing your content creation, when to upload your content for 24/7 discoverability by the media and the types of photos you should prioritise.

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The Frequency of Content Creation

It’s essential to cater to the media’s hunger for fresh content. But how often should you shoot new PR content? The answer isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and it largely depends on your brand, industry and objectives. However, here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Consistency is crucial: Media outlets thrive on a steady stream of content to keep their audiences informed and engaged. So, brands should aim for regular content updates that signal active engagement. Strive to offer fresh photography content at least several times a month.
  • Seasonal Relevance: Certain industries, (looking at you, fashion) adhere to a distinct seasonal cycle, with collections evolving each season. To pique media interest, ensure your content aligns seamlessly with your industry’s seasonal calendar.
  • Event-Driven Content: Events, product launches and special occasions constitute prime opportunities for media coverage. Elevate your brand’s visibility by proactively planning photography content that revolves around these key moments.
  • Trend Awareness: Staying attuned to industry trends and current events is pivotal. When an opportunity arises that resonates with your brand’s identity or products, seize it by creating content that’s timely and relevant.
  • Quality Trumps Quantity: While maintaining a consistent content flow is vital, never compromise quality for sheer quantity. Media outlets value impactful, high-quality images over a deluge of mediocre ones. Strive to deliver compelling visuals that leave a lasting impression.
  • Audience Engagement: Monitor and analyse how your audience responds to your content. If certain types of photos achieve more views, mood-boards and downloads (reference your Flaunter reporting module), make it a focal point in your content strategy.

Perfectly Timing Your Content

Uploading your content at the perfect time (for media) will increase your chances of discoverability and being published. Understanding when media outlets require fresh content and being mindful of their lead times will help you succeed. Here are a few tips for timing your content release:

  • Strategic Planning: To ensure your content resonates with media outlets, meticulous planning is key. Develop a content calendar that harmonises with your brand’s objectives and aligns with significant industry events. This approach will keep you well-prepared for upcoming opportunities and prevent last-minute rushes.
  • Seizing Real-Time Opportunities: In the age of instant gratification and social media, real-time moments hold immense potential. Stay vigilant and ready to capture and share spontaneous events or trends that seamlessly align with your brand’s narrative. Timeliness in these situations can significantly boost your content’s impact.
  • Understanding Editorial Calendars: Media outlets typically work on structured editorial calendars with specific submission deadlines. To optimise your chances of being featured, it’s crucial to be aware of these schedules. Tailor your content release to align with these deadlines, ensuring that your material reaches the media at the right time for consideration.
  • Riding the Wave of Trends: Stay well-informed about trending topics and popular hashtags on social media platforms. When these trends align with your brand’s messaging or products, integrate them into your photography content. Doing so can enhance your content’s discoverability and relevance in the media landscape.
  • Collaborative Influencer Engagements: Collaborating with influencers can be a potent strategy to extend the reach of your content. Coordinate with influencers to synchronise the release of content with their own posts or stories. This alignment can generate a more substantial buzz around your brand and enhance its visibility in the media’s eyes.

Now that we’ve covered the importance of frequency and timing, let’s dive into the heart of your PR strategy – the images themselves. In the world of PR, not all images are created equal. To really make a splash in the media landscape, you need to prioritise the types of photos that will catch the eye of journalists, editors and your target audience. Here are the best kinds of images to shoot for your PR content:

  • Lifestyle Shots: These are the bread and butter of PR content. Lifestyle shots bring your brand to life by showcasing how your products or services fit seamlessly into everyday life. Whether it’s a model wearing your latest fashion line while strolling through a vibrant city or a shot of your culinary creation on a beautifully set table, lifestyle photos offer relatability and aspirational appeal.
  • Campaign Imagery: If you’re running a specific PR campaign, create dedicated campaign imagery. These photos should tell a compelling story related to your campaign’s theme or message. Make them visually distinct, so they instantly communicate the campaign’s essence to your audience.
  • Runway Photos: For fashion brands, runway photos are gold. These images capture the essence of your latest collection and media outlets often rely on them to feature your brand in their fashion spreads. Ensure runway photos are high-quality and highlight the key pieces and details.
  • Etched Images: Detail shots, or etched images, offer a close-up view of your product’s unique features. These are invaluable for highlighting craftsmanship, intricate designs or any selling points that set your products apart from the competition.
  • 5. Product Shots: Clean, crisp and well-lit product shots are non-negotiable. These are the images that help customers visualise what they’re buying. Showcase your products from different angles and in various settings to give a comprehensive view of what you offer. Make sure to include transparent backgrounds!
  • Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Content: BTS photos offer a peek behind the curtain of your brand. Whether it’s shots of your team at work, the creative process, or a glimpse into your brand’s personality, BTS content humanises your brand and adds a layer of authenticity that media outlets and consumers appreciate.
  • Candid Moments: Authenticity is key in today’s media landscape. Candid shots of real people interacting with your brand or products can be incredibly powerful. These images can highlight the emotional connection your brand creates with its audience.
  • Influencer Collaborations: If you’re collaborating with influencers, ensure you capture images that show the influencer genuinely engaging with your brand. Authenticity in these images can enhance the credibility of your partnership.

So, there you have it – the art of timing your PR content to perfection. Remember, it’s not just about capturing pretty pictures and posting them at random times to your website or social media; it’s about making sure those pictures land in front of the right media at the right time…which is why Flaunter’s 24/7 media platform is the perfect place for your PR content to live.

Stay consistent, stay relevant and keep your content quality top-notch. You’ve got this!