This one’s for all the smaller brands or those who are looking for innovative ways of adding longevity to their online profile without any hefty costs. The secret? It’s all in the presentation.

Expand your marketing strategy by optimising your searchability and create content to last longer than a season. Here are some top tips for extending the life cycle of your online content:


Successful social channels appear both relevant and interesting in the eyes of potential users as well as your current social network. This takes us all the way back to marketing 101. It’s true, not much has changed when it comes to finding your target audience, so tailor your strategy accordingly.

  • Instagram – You don’t need a work of art, although maintaining an attractive profile by planning your content in advance can be of benefit – align your colour schemes, layout and image sizes. Applications such as Planoly can help you achieve that streamline presence.
  • Schedule multiple shares of content during optimal periods – Both cost effective and time saving, although be sure to note what you posted and when to uphold a fresh image. Not sure when’s best to show off your stuff? When to gram deciphers when your users are at their most active and calculates your own optimal post time.
  • Know your brand’s identity and communicate the aspects that create a point of difference. For example, create social media campaigns with the potential to generate ‘buzz’. Being of relevance increases the odds of any flow on effect. Encourage user involvement! For instance, if ethical considerations are of value to your model, jump on board the sustainable fashion train.
  • Think – a thousand customers ‘gramming’ your recycled designer packaging?


Consider ALL of your distribution channels and only those beneficial to you. There’s no point running a brand twitter account if it doesn’t assist in your point of exposure. Focus on areas of value and tailor your networks and platforms to media and consumer accessibility.

  • Check your image quality – You’ve probably come across the term “high res 300dpi minimum”. Most media only download images of a certain quality, so it’s essential to follow these requirements.
  • Device compatibility – An online shop must be user-friendly and compatible across a range of devices.
  • Be aware of the potential limits of boosting and other methods of audience scraping. Although boosting posts on various channels such as Facebook can help bump up initial views, it may not be the most effective way of growing an organic and authentic audience – (the key to longevity and growth).
  • Solution? Flaunter as a platform gives your direct exposure to hundreds of media without PR fee that you may not be able to afford. Best of all, you can be guaranteed that any media downloading your content is authentic and will be dispersed across legitimate publications.


In a world focused on the next best thing – it’s easy to forget our roots. You may not realise, but older content could be a source of value in attracting new leads. Essentially by selecting the best performing content and doing some basic restructuring, you can increase your SEO and lifecycle of content.

  • Backlinks – contextual examples can generate new traffic through what you’re posting. Do a little reformatting and add any links to outside sources you think will provide value.
    Restructure – break down long paragraphs and add in some bullet point formations in any blog content you create for easier readability.
    Repost visual content differently – Be creative with captions and take advantage of any public holidays or any major events that you can reference in times of high activity.

Photo: Annie Spratt via Unsplash