Are your photo downloads looking swell? Want to keep that sweet, sweet momentum going? In that case, this is a must read.

You’ve probably already read our past blog: How to create the perfect Flaunter profile, but if not, we’d recommend giving it a once over before you get started on this article. Once you’ve got your profile built and looking slick, there are a few things we recommend to keeping it working like a well-oiled machine…

Consistency is key

Are you expecting some images of your next collection back from your photographer in the next week or two?  Our recommendation is to upload them as soon as they’ve returned to you and you’ve got your RRP set.  It doesn’t matter if the collection doesn’t drop for another month or two – Monthly glossies often work on three months lead time (case in point: It’s nearly July as this blog is being penned and our office is already receiving media requests for Christmas content)

Once your new albums are uploaded, hide any product no longer available.  The media generally can’t publish old stock, so even though to you, keeping your old albums up feels like giving the media a good snapshot of your brand, to them, it just means it’s more difficult to get to your content they want to publish.  If one too many of their clicks land on images they can’t publish, their next click will probably be out of your profile.

Check your deets

At a bare minimum, you should have your in-store date, stockist and RRP listed. An extension of this, however, is remembering to update your details regularly.

If your contact details, prices, stockists or product details change, don’t forget to update them in Flaunter.  In addition to running the risk of having your product published somewhere incorrectly (not super useful to you), you’re also running the risk of upsetting the journalist who downloaded from you – they live and die by publishing accurate info, and being stung once doesn’t encourage them to come back to you for content.

Want your collection to have one last hurrah?

When sale time hits, prep a mood board of your best sale pieces, update your RRPs in Flaunter and hit up some media with a release about your sale.  Several publications and online news sites aggregate the week’s best sales and are always looking for hot sale tips.  Don’t forget to add the % discount on your RRPs, the sale dates, and, if you really want some love, an online discount/deal code exclusive for the publication’s readers.