“Is my brand big enough to attract media attention yet?”

Never underestimate the power of being under the radar. The media always want to be the ones to discover the next big thing, so put aside your nerves and to show them why you’re the one they should be talking about.
Most people who have ever worked in PR (including those sitting in the Flaunter office) will tell you that gaining exposure for your brand takes time and consistency before results are seen.
Until you can hire a powerhouse PR team to take care of things, there are 4 tools that you’ll need to get started on your road to success…

A great list of media contacts

What brands (aside from yours) are hanging around in your ideal customers closet/living room/bathroom shelf? Find out where these brands are being published and who is writing about them. These are the journalists and stylists that you need to connect with, so make a note, follow them on insta and start hunting for their email address! Learn more about building a media list from scratch.

A pitching strategy

Once you know your media targets, it’s time to begin actively pitching to the media. Learn more about how to write the perfect pitch.
Not sure what you should be pitching and when? Create your own PR Calendar to help you maintain focus, meet deadlines comfortably, generate new ideas and opportunities and give you time to plan your content or pitches to amplify engagement.

A digital marketing strategy

Leveraging your social media accounts properly will help you gain new customers and media relationships. You should also consider investing in online advertising, SEO, customer experience and digital newsletters.

A virtual PR assistant 

Everything is easier with a little help. Flaunter can help you make the most of PR opportunities with the least amount of effort.  By uploading your high res content directly to the site, you can rest easy knowing that your content is always working for you – even when you’re busy taking care of business! Click here to request a 5 minute demo!



Banner: David Grr via Instagram