With our online content visible to so many different people, it’s easy to forget who we’re aiming to connect with. Building a solid brand story or message is an important part of establishing a connection with media and customers alike.

Who am I? 

No existential crisis here! It’s more of a ‘how do I want to be seen?’ thing. Ask yourself this question of your brand often and reinforce it continuously.

In order to develop a successful persona/story for your brand, you must be very clear on your core audience, and then flaunt your unique personality through every avenue – being recognizable as ‘you’ and consistent about it works to authenticate your brand, making you more desirable to connect with, as well as easier for media to share your news.

So what makes a good brand story?

Your story must connect to the audience you’ve decided upon.

For example, if you implement sustainable practices in production and want to speak specifically to ‘conscious consumers’ you may centre your messaging around highlighting the sustainable practices that you could disperse across your branding e.g labelling, packaging and social media profiling.

Be loud and proud.

Use creative ways where you can draw attention to your unique quality. For example, an interiors label passionate about supporting local artists and small-scale design may want to collaborate with these individuals in designing packaging for their products, run a social media campaign sharing work from local artists every week or sponsor a gallery event/pop up showcase of local artisans.


Post, share, repeat. 

The one time where being a broken record player is recommended.
Once you have your story, consider the logistics! An active social media presence keeps your brand current and its message strong.

The key to success in the world of social media is activity, and we don’t just mean lots of it, we mean quality posts that encourage engagement with your client base. Get your customers involved and create your own Instagram hashtag, repost amazing content from customers and brands who use your products or personify your brand’s story. This can create traffic on both ends and in tech head strategy, raises your chances of showing up on other people’s discovery feeds on Instagram.

You may also want to look into your ‘SEO’ … and by that we mean blogs. Pieces that are jam-packed with highly searchable relevant terminology can get you into that top result haven everyone’s aiming for. Hitting two birds with one stone means not only will you increase your online presence, but you’ll also be venturing down yet another avenue in sharing a unique brand story.

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Image: Anna Quan Campaign 2016 via Flaunter