Influencer marketing can be a daunting task for many brands. From setting up your campaign to choosing the right influencers, there are many factors that need to be considered. That’s why we’re here to help!

We’ve created a tool that makes navigating influencer marketing easier, and it will definitely make your life easier!

Let’s start with what is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of advertising that involves working with influential people to promote your brand and products. These influencers and/or content creators have large, engaged followings on social media and they can help you reach new audiences, drive sales and boost your brand’s reputation. 

There are many reasons why influencer marketing is so popular. It’s affordable for everyone involved. It’s easy to track ROI. And it can be scaled up or down depending on what works best for your brand at any given time (which means there are no hard costs associated with running an effective campaign). We’ve created Flaunter specifically because we want to make this process as seamless as possible.

With Flaunter’s influencer marketing tool, you can partner with bloggers, stylists, social media stars and other content creators to promote your brand. Here’s how…

Content Management and Sample Tracking Software

Tell us about Flaunter

Flaunter is an innovative and time-saving online platform that allows brands in the fashion, accessories, beauty, home, travel, hospitality and kids/baby industries to create and upload look books, product ranges, campaign images and press releases as well as showroom collections for media, stylists, bloggers and influencers to view and download content on-demand, and browse showroom collections to request sample loans or PR gifts.

In addition to the digital content management and sample tracking functionality that Flaunter provides, it also enables brands to track how many search impressions and views their press center and content receives, plus tells them who’s been looking and engaging with their brand. This means, brands on Flaunter can reach out to media and content creators who are most likely interested in their products and connect with them to discuss campaigns, collaborations or styling / gifting opportunities. 

Using Flaunter to connect with Influencers

Flaunter’s easy-to-use platform gives you the tools to connect with influencers in a meaningful way. No more sending emails back and forth, no more handholding, no more long wait times for responses. Instead, you can browse our contact list or import your own private contact list, upload collections and product lines via our simple (and beautiful!) interface, share direct links inviting content creators and stylists to browse your showroom, send out gifts and samples, and also track where everything is and when it’s due back.  

Contact lists

The beauty of Flaunter is that you can create your own private contact lists within the platform. This means you can import your own data and contacts into Flaunter to build a customised profile for each individual contact. Once you have imported your data you can make it seamless for these influencers, creators and stylists to browse your collections online and directly request loans or gifts.

You can also browse Flaunter’s registered media and influencer directory to discover new contacts or send a direct message to anyone in our database. 

It’s free for influencers and content creators to have a Flaunter profile, so go ahead and let them know you’ve made a profile and digital showroom on Flaunter.  

PR gifts and sample loans

Sampling has been a huge challenge for brands because it’s not always clear who has loaned or gifted samples without a handful of Excel spreadsheets being sent back and forth between PRs, editors and celebrities. With Flaunter’s loan tracking software you will know exactly where your items are at all times.

The Flaunter platform allows influencers, content creators and stylists to request items from brands, making it easy for brand managers to fill orders and keep track of everything in one place. Again, it’s a free app for media, influencers and stylists – and also keeps everything in one central location for them. Win win! 

Messaging and connections

Use Flaunter’s in-app messaging system to keep track of all your marketing and campaign comms. Direct message influencers through Flaunter and keep your inbox + Instagram DMs clean. 

Leverage Flaunter’s media list to understand more about each of our registered users (their likes & dislikes) and send personalised direct messages straight from your Flaunter account. 

What about the content?

Upload all your content into your branded press center on Flaunter so that’s it’s instantly discoverable by traditional media, editors, journalists and bloggers. They can view and download your content on demand. And if they’re using it for a publication, Flaunter will tell you which one and when it’s being published. So you can keep an eye out for your feature!

And you’ll benefit from the reach of the entire Flaunter network. Your content is included in our media edms, trend edits and custom media brief responses.

You said something about data? 

Yes! We love data. Know how your brand is performing. See who is viewing and downloading your images, and access trend data that can help you grow your business. Replace time-consuming manual reporting processes with comprehensive and automated activity reports, that make it incredibly easy to monitor, report and feedback on your brand and product activity – and your hard work!

Generate reports based on influencer activity e.g. how many items were gifted to influencers this month, on publication e.g. how often ‘Vogue’ has requested and used samples, or a report on how many samples are sent each month. 


With the right influencers, you can amplify your message, increase reach and drive brand awareness – all while building relationships with top influencers in your industry. Try Flaunter for free with our 14-day free trial

Image by Banbé Eyewear