You’ve uploaded your latest collection to Flaunter – now what? Here’s how you can get journalists to take notice of your shiny new imagery and ultimately generate more coverage for your brands. 

Share your Flaunter press centre and showroom links with your media list.

Flaunter is a tool to help you manage your digital imagery assets and physical sample assets – not a discovery tool. While we do update the editors who use Flaunter of any new imagery uploaded, the brands and agencies who get the most traction out of our system use it to augment their existing media activity. Say you’ve got a new campaign that’s launching, you’d be sending that out to your media list. Instead of sending an expiring WeTransfer link that doesn’t include any product details, you’d send a link to your Flaunter press centre, which incorporates things like availability, RRP, and never expires. You’ll also get access to data that shows which journalists downloaded your content or request samples, when they plan to publish it and more.

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Message journalists within the Flaunter platform

If there’s a particular journalist you’ve got your eye on, you can message up to 5 editors from within Flaunter on our Growth Plan. A word of warning though – just as when you email a journalist, you need to have something of interest to say. Journalists are extremely time poor, no matter the platform, so make sure your pitch is crafted to them individually.

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Build a mood board and send it to your media list

Need a fun way to share your content with editors? Build a moodboard of your content around a particular theme. For example, if there’s a particular event coming up on the social calendar, you can build a moodboard of content from your collections that aligns with that theme. Think Melbourne Cup, the start of summer or world caffeine day. It’s a great way to make your content feel fresh and have another reason to reach out to your media list.

Learn how to build a mood board on Flaunter.

Make your images work harder for you

The whole point of using Flaunter to manage your digital imagery assets is to make your life (and the lives of your journalist contacts) easier. That means making your imagery and samples work harder for you. Add in all of the relevant details about your images when you upload them, including availability, RRP, stockists and more, making all of this information available to editors at the click  of a button. No more sending emails back and forth and wasting hours each day, potentially missing publication deadlines because you weren’t able to get back to a journo in time.

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Check your Stats

One of the best things about Flaunter is that everything is trackable. No more scrolling through hundreds of emails or manually counting how many journalists you pitched to. With our tools you can track all of this automatically, as well as see what imagery and samples are the most popular with editors.

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While we can’t guarantee you’ll get media coverage, we can guarantee that your image and sample assets will work 10x harder for you here than anywhere else, while you save hours every day on image requests and tracking.

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