Social media has solidified its reign as a PR powerhouse. It’s become an essential element in the arsenal of every savvy PR pro. But let’s face it, navigating the intricate world of brand-influencer collaborations can leave even the most seasoned professionals scratching their heads.

As a brand or influencer, how do you even begin to find the perfect partnerships? What should you ask for? And most importantly, how do you make it all happen seamlessly? Enter Flaunter. We’ve decoded the formula on forming the right collaborations, securing what you need and transforming it all into a stress-free experience.

Flaunter puts a world of premium brands at influencers’ fingertips. From fashion labels and beauty brands to home and interiors, destinations and venues, kids and baby and so many more. With our extensive brand directory, influencers can find the perfect match for their unique styles and audiences. Brands looking to connect with influencers can also tap into Flaunter’s diverse influencer network to find the ideal partner. We help you form winning partnerships that generate buzz and elevate your online presence!


Here are 4 reasons why influencers and content creators love using Flaunter as a tool for collaborating with brands. 

It streamlines collaborations and direct communication

Influencers effortlessly connect with brand managers and PR professionals using Flaunter’s direct messaging feature. Influencers and content creators can initiate conversations with brand decision-makers, discussing campaign ideas, collaboration opportunities and sample requests. Brands searching for influencers can strike up conversations to explore potential partnerships and tap into their creative flair. Flaunter ensures smooth and efficient communication, putting you on the fast track to fruitful collaborations.

It boosts visibility with callouts and opportunities

Flaunter allows influencers and content creators to post callouts, signalling to brands that you’re open to collaborations. Flaunter’s network of brands receives these callouts, allowing them to discover and connect with influencers who match their brand vision. Whether you’re a fashion guru, beauty maven, travelling superstar or lifestyle aficionado, Flaunter’s callout feature attracts opportunities and puts your influencer skills in the spotlight.

It simplifies gift/sample requests for influencers and brands

Flaunter makes sample requests a breeze for influencers seeking the perfect products for their content. With a few clicks, influencers can browse brand collections and request samples directly through the platform. Brands benefit from the streamlined process as well, receiving sample requests in a centralised location. It’s a win-win for both parties, ensuring efficient communication and reducing the back-and-forth often associated with sample requests.

It’s a free tool for influencers and content creators

We don’t really need to say much more here. Flaunter is a completely free PR platform that allows influencers and content creators to manage their own brand relationships and campaigns. But, it’s also a free tool for influencer agencies and talent management companies. So whether you’re a self-managed influencer or you prefer to run all your work through an agency, Flaunter is still the best place for you to be.

Are you an influencer searching for the perfect brand collaboration or a brand looking to connect with top-notch influencers? Flaunter is your secret weapon for forming seamless partnerships that captivate audiences and drive engagement. With our extensive brand directory, direct communication features, callout opportunities, streamlined sample requests and collaboration organisation tools, Flaunter takes your collaborations to new heights. Unlock endless possibilities and supercharge your influencer journey or brand’s influencer marketing strategy. Join Flaunter today and watch your collaborations soar to new levels of success.