Interestingly, since launching Flaunter one of the questions we get asked most often is “How are you different from a PR agency?”.  This is closely followed by a more [loaded] question like “Do you make PR agencies redundant?”.

A valid line of inquiry in the age of disruption. And while we do exist because there is a need to change the status quo on PR processes, we’re not here to make PR agencies redundant.

In fact, PR agencies are one of our core customer groups. For agencies, we’ve become the platform that makes it easier to deliver better results for their clients.

For Nikki Andrews, Founder and Director, NAC Media Group: “Having efficient systems in place is vital to achieving maximum impact and enjoying continued success. Flaunter provides a one-stop-shop. You can manage samples, distribute brand imagery and liaise directly with the media all within the one platform. It has a high level of versatility and usability which not only gives it a leg-up on the competition, but also helps us hit targets and achieve maximum impact for our brands.” 

The key questions we get asked on this topic are usually:

What do PR agencies do?

What do PR agencies charge?

How is Flaunter different?

What PR agencies do

In brief, a PR agency’s core responsibility is to help build better relationships between you and your target ‘publics’. Today this is usually your customers [and prospective customers] via media and influencer channels.

An agency functions like an extended part of your comms team [or can often BE your team] – bringing their combined expertise to the table to support you in achieving your goals.

These days a PR agency will usually focus on some, or ALL, of the below for their clients:

  • Product Placement
  • PR strategy
  • Events
  • Media monitoring
  • Profile building
  • Media relationships
  • Copywriting
  • Showroom
  • Pitching
  • Reporting
  • Celebrity dressing
  • Influencer relationships
  • Brand building
  • Social media

What PR agencies charge

As the list above suggests, there is a huge amount an agency can deliver. As with most things in life… what they can do for you will largely depend on your budget.

PR agencies typically charge in two ways: a monthly retainer or a project fee.

Monthly retainers will vary depending on what a brand needs – eg full service/give me everything or a more focused activity like just product placement. Their fees will typically start from $2,000/month for a very basic level of activity.

Project fees depend entirely on the scope of work and can range from $1,000 – upwards of $100,000.

If it’s a very small project you may even look at just paying an hourly fee for very targeted PR support. Usually, this will start from ~$200/hr.


How Flaunter is different

It really boils down to tools versus service. Flaunter uses technology to create a more efficient way to execute on your PR strategy, and more effectively measure ROI.

Flaunter is a software tool.

Whereas a PR agency can provide the most value by focusing their talents where human-centric work will have the biggest impact – and knowing where they can save time on workflows so that they spend as many hours as possible on activities that best leverage their skills.

Agencies are about people-power.

We give our customers the tools to streamline time-consuming (but essential) PR tasks like:

  • On-demand media access to content 
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Digital and physical asset management
  • Media list management & new media connections
  • Product inventory tracking for samples, gifts and more

… so PR teams can focus on things that can’t be productised.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

We DON’T provide the level of service that an agency does. In fact – we often help connect brands in our networks to agencies in our network when they need personal support with services we cannot offer. Including:

  • Brand strategy & direction;
  • Consumer-centred experiential events;
  • Influencer strategies;
  • Copywriting and targeted profile building.

We DO use technology to make smarter connections. Flaunter can expertly lead that horse to water, but it’s up to them to take that drink…

We DO focus specifically on activities that are scalable, repeatable and process-driven.

We DO use scale and technology to make Flaunter cost-effective. Flaunter charges a monthly subscription fee starting from $200. See pricing overview here.

Images: banner source unknown via Pinterest; Zulu & Zephyr featured on An Organised Life