You’ve got a fabulous brand. But you’re not getting the press coverage it deserves. Well, why not? We’ve got 10 juicy reasons why your PR game needs a makeover.

1. You’re ignoring journalists’ preferences.

Newsflash! Journalists have their preferences and beats. So stop playing hide and seek and start understanding the journalists you’re reaching out to and what tickles their fancy. Start thinking like a journalist and do some research. Craft personalised pitches that make them say “yes! spill the deets!”.

2. You’re neglecting your competitive advantage.

Every brand has something special that makes it shine brighter than the rest. Find your sparkle and flaunt it. Whether it’s an eco-friendly initiative, a jaw-dropping product or a legendary brand story, showcase your competitive edge.

3. You’re neglecting your online presence.

Refresh your Flaunter profile and online press kit regularly. It’s like your online dating profile – always keep it fresh and captivating. Update your branded press centre with stunning visuals, newsworthy press releases and curated look books for every season and editorial calendar event. Remember, Flaunter is your secret weapon, so make sure it’s always on point and ready to impress those media mavens.

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4. You let your media placements collect dust.

Don’t leave your previous media coverage hanging like yesterday’s fashion trends. Give them a second life. Post those fabulous articles, interviews and features on your websites and socials. Show the world (and other media) that your brand is worth talking about.

5. You’re lacking newsworthy pitches.

If your pitches aren’t newsworthy, they’re going to end up in the “meh” pile. Spice things up. Craft pitches that are relevant, timely and offer a fresh perspective. Show journalists that you’re on top of the trends, giving them something new that’ll make their pens scribble.

6. You ignore deadlines and lead times.

In the media world, time is more precious than a limited-edition designer handbag. Missing deadlines and lead-times is a fashion faux pas you can’t afford. Keep an eye on those editorial calendars and submit your pitches ahead of time. Procrastination won’t get you on the cover. It’s time to be fashionably early.

7. You don’t pay attention to the editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar is your invitation to the coolest party in town. It guides you on what’s hot and what’s not. So grab that calendar and align your pitches with upcoming themes.

8. You’re sharing lackluster brand stories and releases.

Your brand story and press releases should be as captivating as a front-row seat at Fashion Week. Don’t leave them hanging wondering where’s the tea! Give journalists a complete story that oozes personality. They live for juicy narratives, so serve them up a story they can’t resist.

9. You neglect alternative strategies.

Press coverage isn’t the only way to make heads turn. To help your brand stay top of mind for media, think outside the box and slay with alternative strategies. Host fabulous events, team up with influencers and launch killer brand campaigns. Be bold and let the world buzz about your brand.

10. You underestimate the value of PR.

PR isn’t about throwing money at paid ads. It’s an investment in your brand’s future. Allocate your budget wisely. From photoshoots and events to your Flaunter press kits and sample send outs, invest in the things that’ll help your brand get the press coverage it deserves.

Remember, PR success takes time and dedication, so keep that fierceness alive. Get ready to snatch those headlines and make your brand the talk of the town.